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Irrevocable Guarantees
- Mr. venakata kutumbarao krothapalli
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The Lok Satta Party on July 26, 2008, unveiled its vision of a new society and a blueprint to accomplish it in five years flat, if it is elected to power in the 2009 Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. Hardly two years old, the Lok Satta Party pledges itself to bring about a total transformation in the living conditions and livelihood opportunities in both rural and urban areas by providing innovative and offbeat solutions to innumerable ills plaguing contemporary society. The Lok Satta Party released a booklet titled, 'Silent Revolution,' incorporating a series of '50 irrevocable guarantees' it makes to the public. The party displays immense confidence and competence in delivering on them. Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan describes the guarantees as constitutionally correct and financially feasible. The citizen-centric manifesto promotes economic growth of both the individual and society by harmonizing conflicting interests. The guarantees will form part of the party's manifesto to be released later. The Lok Satta Party visualizes district governments as the pivot of the far-reaching reform program in governance. Although India attained freedom from the British more than 60 years ago, Indians have not become Independent because there was only a change of players without real powers being transferred to the people. By ushering in district governments, the party promises to transfer powers, responsibilities and resources to people's governments at the grassroots level. District Governments : The party points out that many districts in Andhra Pradesh are bigger than nearly 100 countries in the world. There is no reason why people in a district should come to Hyderabad to get their problems solved. The Lok Satta Party plan envisages each district having a directly elected premier, and ministers in charge of various portfolios. The district Collector will act as the chief secretary. The Government will devolve 50 percent of Plan funds on district governments, which in turn transfer them to local governments. The local governments will be responsible for providing safe drinking water, sanitation and drainage, roads, housing and all other facilities. In addition, a per capita grant of Rs.1000 will be made to both villages and towns. A town with a population of one lakh will get a grant of Rs.10 crore in addition to funds under all normal schemes. The district government program associates people in the implementation of schemes by providing for elected committees at the ward level armed with both funds and powers.

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