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Emotional Competence
- Mr. Varaprasada Rao Imandi
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The Seven Profoundly Powerful.. Profoundly Simple Techniques for Increasing Emotional Competence 1 . Take time everyday to appreciate what's right in the world and in your life . Generating feelings of gratitude, on purpose, reduces the amount of damaging stress hormones in your body. And, adopting a habit of appreciation sets up a positive self-fulfilling prophecy - since you are in the practice of identifying things to appreciate, you are more likely to notice those things. 2. Increase your feeling word vocabulary. Most people have a very limited vocabulary for emotion, e.g. love, hate, fear, etc. Getting more accurate in naming and expressing your feelings helps you know yourself and connect better to others. 3. Be your own best friend. Think of the advice you give a dear friend in a difficult time - and take that advice yourself! Eat well, exercise, relax, play, avoid cigarettes and alcohol. These practices set up the conditions in your life that will make it easier to be emotionally competent. 4. Listen with your heart. Creating an emotional connection by sincere listening has positive physical, mental, and emotional benefits for both the speaker and the listener. When you are completely attentive to what someone else is saying, your blood pressure drops. 5. Talk back to yourself. That negative voice in your head can be quite convincing persuading you to judge others, be pessimistic, etc. pulling in all the destructive feelings that go along with those destructive thoughts. You can create a louder, more persuasive voice that helps you find an equally believable, more optimistic viewpoint. You'll be more likely to cut others some slack, you'll see more options, and you'll feel better! 6. Tune in to your body Notice where and when you feel different feelings. Emotions are a source of information and paying attention to what you feel in your body is a good way to access that information. If you don't know why you feel certain feelings, ask your body, e.g. 'Why do I feel a pain in my neck?' 'What's this shoulder ache about?' 7. Smile more !!! Different facial expressions have corresponding feelings associated with them. So.. if you want to feel better.. turn on a smile and wait for good feelings to come along!

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