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Dreams-languages of God
- Mr. Narayana Dadibattini
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I got a dream as under: Quote I saw 2 Gigantic Snakes came crawling and covered my body. I tried to come out of its clutches, but in front of their power mine is zero. Unquote The next day, though I did mention in my spiritual diary, I forgot about the same. After couple of weeks again I got a dream. Quote 2 Gigantic Snakes appeared and taken me into their body. Their body is like a huge tire, size approx. Of a 2 storied building. Not even a single word was uttered by them. Later I saw an old long white beard man wearing yellow shirt & dhoti. Unquote It was a mystery to me. What could be the meaning of this dream? I pondered myself but I couldn’t get any satisfactory answer. I decided to search for the beard man so that I could get breakthrough in resolving the above. One day I saw the same person selling apples next to Hanuman Temple at Andheri (West). First I hesitated to meet him since he looks ordinary/simple, wearing dhoti /shirt, and I am wearing pant & shirt and going to office, and also thought whether is it appropriate to ask him about my dream. My ego came into the picture and preventing me to meet him. I was haunted by all these thoughts and wasted another couple of days. As the days are passing, I felt as if I am going to lose something great opportunity. The great mystery, which is haunting me lying behind unresolved due to my hesitations. One day I decided whatever could be the reason, I must meet him and went and asked him “Mahashai I saw you in my dream, you are a great Mahatma, why don’t you tell me the truth to get Self-realization?” He said, “can’t you look I am a fruit seller and ordinary I don’t have any powers”. I said to him, ”Great People/Saints of your stature will not reveal their supremacy”. He was silent.

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