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Llife with husband
- Mrs. Lost unsaid
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As time passed my husband has become more inclined towards religion. He forgot his promises, his words. Says that women are born to serve men. The place of women is within four walls. They are not allowed to speak up. I never saw this side of him earlier. Men are allowed to do anything but not to be questioned. Some women never know where their men go and what they do outside. Slowly he became jealous person and reads into any and all association with other men as suspicious. He is unable to understand that I gave up more for him and I would never cheat on him. I am now seeing that there are too many differences to overcome and allow for a peaceful existence. They are always commenting on others. Specially the festivals and attires of other cultures. He is cruel, demanding everything and abusive. It only brought me tears and sorrow. There is no respect for women. Islam allows man to beat his wife. He can demand anything and she has to obey no matter in what conditions she is. Man can marry of his choice but women cannot. There are too many restrictions. I am now in a constant fear. I am scared to speak up. I know what he is capable of when he gets furious. I would only have courage to tell him all that if I was far enough from him and he could not physically reach me. I am terrified about the future. He will put all sort of pressures on my kids to do things I do not approve of, I fear that he might take them away; He might hurt me or do some serious harm to me if I don't agree with him. I want my kids to experience many good things in life, achieve as much as they possibly can and become confident, tolerant and considerate adults. I don't think this will be possible. He demands that he is the one who decides about everything to do with them, but also demands that I confirm everything he says to them and never contradict him. At some point all the family members are very radical. They are always commenting on other religions, though it makes me very outrageous I have no way except to keep quit. The only thing taught to kids from childhood is that this is the truest, purest and peace loving religion.. And at the same time justifying terrorism and jihad (killing of non Muslims). This religion which claims to be the truest of all, recites an Arabic Prayer (on hearing the death news of their religion member) called “Inna Lillahi Oa Inna Ilahi Rajeon” which means “Allah unhain jannat naseeb karay” and then they recite another Arabic prayer (upon hearing a death news of a Hindu) called Fee nari jahannama khalidin” Which means wishing him the eternal HELL! How can a religion which claims to be the truest wish so? There are too many things which are very ridiculous. They know they are wrong but they never admit it. When someone tries to speak up they cannot tolerate or bear it. They fear that the truth may come up. And so due to fear... the only thing they can think about is “issuing a FATWA to kill the one who tries to tell the truth to the outside world. Anyway I am saying only one point to make you understand what sort of distress we undergo. I did this mistake and I will probably pay for the mistake of marrying him for the rest of my life. I don't know if there are legal ways to keep him out of our lives, and I believe it's unlikely. Even if I managed to convince courts and police that he should stay away from us that might not stop him. I'm completely alone, because I could not make friends are allowed to meet my family while being with him. This is my life... which is going to be like this till the end. I wanted to tell every girl who wanted to marry a Muslim man to think twice before marrying. My advice “PLEASE!!DON’T!”...

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